Friday, 23 August 2013

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None...

I'm confused, if there's one thing trials does to me above all else it makes my brain hurt. Since I started back riding again a few years ago I've constantly been changing bikes and trying to find the right one but failing miserably. I feel as if I get friendly with some riders and want to fit in so I buy the bike and ride the style that I think will get me accepted, then I'll start talking to some other riders and switch across to what they do and so on and so forth. I get an idea in my head of the bike I want then imagine what it'll be like when I finish it, the problem is when I do reality strikes and I realise my level of riding is nowhere near what I think it is though I guess this is partially why I'll go off on a tangent and move on to something else. I'm pretty sure that if I'd have concentrated more on being myself than trying to be part of the crowd my riding level would be pretty decent by now though as we all know hindsight is a wonderful thing.

What's brought this on you ask? Well GETceative is back for it's 2nd year and I'm absolutely stumped for ideas! I've watched back my entry from last year and it wasn't really creative at all, whilst it was probably the best edit I've put together in terms of production the riding was pretty boring and there was nothing to make it stand out from the competition like some of the other entries. Yet again I'll blame this on the lack of decent riding spots nearby and lack of riding time though to be honest it's all there I'm just making excuses! I'd like to think I have a creative mind, I'm always looking at possible lines though the problem is in my head I'm far more talented so when it comes to actually doing them I don't stand a chance or I don't have the balls to attempt them.

This all goes back to my original point of not getting a bike and sticking with it, once again I've come to the point where a frame is on offer but do I make the change again or do I stick with what I've got and try and build the talent my feeble mind seems to believe I have? I have a vague idea of a video for GETcreative but the problem is will it be creative enough for people to sit up and notice me, and will I have the patience and mind to reach that level I have imagined.

Dave Barratt - GETcreative from Dave Barratt on Vimeo.